Wednesday, December 21, 2016

I worked on this piece late summer to finish it before i left to travel through Peru. Its a photo I took on my return from a surf trip to southern California. I decided to drive up the 395 to go through Mammoth and camp and skate. After Mammoth I caught an amazing sunset at Mono Lake. It was a swampy marshy mission to get to the water's edge to shoot that scene. There will be more pieces from Mono lake to follow. This was a larger piece approx 28"x 46".

Saturday, September 24, 2016

These pieces were for a skatepark benefit for the Rocker Memorial Skatepark. 3 used boards hand shaped to reference 3 classic shapes from the 80's and tributes to three of my loves in life. There is a JFA throwback shape with images of skateboarding, a 80's Burton Elite shape with images to get you fired up for the snow and an 80's Mark Richards twin fish shape to pay homage to surfing. They were fun. Pretty basic but fun... check them out!! All proceeds went to fund a new skatepark here in glorious Truckee, California. the shapes looked a little better in person.. i promise!!
Its been a bit since i posted some art. Its been a busy summer punctuated with some pieces. This piece was a commission for my friend Justin who came out to visit with his wife Samantha and we had a blast. I wanted to make them something from our adventures that they'd remember. So this is a view of Maggie's south peak from the vantage of Granite Lake. All this stuff is right by Emerald Bay and the views from the top are spectacular. Good times. This piece when finished measured 22x36 inches. More to come. Thanks for investigating.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Donner Lake Rental Shack/ "Closed for the Season"

Here is another piece I finished over the winter. It was for the 2016 Lion Heart Show at Riverside Studios here in Truckee. Proceeds benefit The C.R. Johnson Healing Center. It is always an event that I look forward to participating in. The image is from Donner Lake its a photo of a boat rental shack closed for the winter. I printed text in the snow, white on white for subtlety. It reads, "Forecast looks good, time to lock up shop, wax them boards." I wanted to reference the spirit that builds when a winter storm is on the way and honor the dedication of the snowboarding and skiing community and what people will sacrifice for a few sacred weightless moments in some fresh snow. The criteria for the show is all artists are provided 10"x10" panels of plywood. You can take as many as you want and all panels sell for 100$. I like to put two together for the "panoramic window" look. More work will be up soon. Thanks for viewing my work. Feel free to ask questions or leave comments. cheers! Randal 5/7/16

Friday, January 29, 2016

Another piece finished and in a new happy home. I have another commission piece for a good friend underway. This one is From Independence Lake north of Truckee. It measures 22" X 30". Production has been slowed due to outstanding snowboarding conditions in the Tahoe Area this winter. Also slowed due to a very busy schedule working with the "yutes" of Truckee and Tahoe hopefully corrupting the youth to be better humans and more conscious of art and skateboarding. The program is called Positively Rolling. Its pretty awesome. and there is a facebook page too. Thanks for looking here are some photos of my last piece.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Summer Commision

Summer is a busy time, the weather here in Truckee is insane. Between 75-85 degrees and sunny- every day. Mountain lakes, mountain bike rides, lots of active friends, trips to the coast to surf. Ok, ok you get it. So I've been slacking a bit. I haven't been so productive on the Artistic frontier. BUT... I did make this piece which actually was spoken for before it was ever finished. This is the new framing technique that I'm using. I'm no longer pouring resin over the edges when a piece is finished. I stepped up my game and bought some carpentry tools. Pieces are now framed in with birch plywood showing edgewise and moving in a clockwise flow. The painted panel with the photograph on it is sunk about 1/8" into the frame so that it creates a reservoir that the resin sits in. This is one of my favorite pieces completed to date. I'm so happy that my work feels like it is progressing. The image was taken from a drying lake up on Donner Summit. Multiple stumps were exposed from the receding waterline. All the stumps were bleach white and looked like ghosts or tombstones. It was a pretty powerful spot to visit and to take some photos. I'm pretty sure we'll be seeing more work from this shoot/location. The finished piece measured 22x36". Thanks for looking.

Monday, May 4, 2015

I just finished and turned over another piece to Lorien Powers to show and sell at her Jewelry Studio. This piece is called "Tahoe Rim Trial" (26"x16"). It was taken on the Tahoe Rim Trail on a mountain bike journey. It juxtaposes the chaotic life of living in the city with an implied grid system and references like "clock in, clock out, Traffic, sprawl, commute" etc. with the calm of the high reaching pines and the forest of the Tahoe area. Other text reads... "disconnect from the grid, get plugged into the calm of here". Its just a reminder why I live here- the forest and mountains have a very therapeutic and calming effect on me. Cheers! Thanks for reading and looking. More to come!